Life & Fantasy

From Hub_117, April 2010.

A few things have happened to me lately and I thought I’d just have a quick word about life… tenuously linked with fantasy and horror undertones!

Recently I decided to work my way through the Angel series 5 box set. It was bought ages ago and had been sat, gathering dust, ever since. Too many other distractions getting in the way. Happens to a lot of us, I’m sure. The last few episodes seemed rushed but I put that down to the cancellation of the show. Then came the final episode. One made even more poignant when you realise that the actor playing Lorne, Andy Hallett, unfortunately died last year aged just 33. I’d never seen this episode before and seeing
the guy sing “If I Ruled the World” and then walking out on Angel’s revolution with the last line “…good night, folks” just hit home that little bit harder than it was probably intended to do.

A few days before the news that Corey Haim had died, just over four weeks ago, I was talking to friends about various favourite films and The Lost Boys kept popping up in our lists. It felt bizarre that news of Haim’s death should come out so soon after I’d been having so many discussions with others regarding movies and vampires and The Lost Boys in particular.

These two instances, added to some others in the smorgasbord that is life, just got me thinking. Eventually, some of us may be going on to eternal paradise of some description, others of us may be going to the, erm, other place. Some of us may end up coming back in some form or other, I’m thinking reincarnation as opposed to zombies. Or maybe not. I’m no expert on the various denominations of life after death but one thing is certain; We’re here. Right now. Maybe we shouldn’t worry about what may or may not come next and just knuckle down and make sure we get as much done here that we want to do,
that we need to do, to make ourselves and those around us happy and fulfilled.

Just a thought… I said it was tenuous!