What have I missed?

From Hub_125, August 2010

How did I miss Daybreakers? I mean, okay, I knew of it but it still slipped through the net and under the radar. We didn’t even cover a review of it here, in Hub, and it hit the cinemas last January and came out on DVD in May but still nothing was said… or written, rather.

I watched it recently and liked it. In my opinion, in a world currently swamped under with emo-teen vampires that sparkle and just want to be understood in psychological allegories of real world situations, Daybreakers gives something different to the mythos of Das Vampyre… Fine, I’ve said before that I like my vampires preferably old skool but this film ‘is’ good and somewhat original in it’s take on the myth… or legend, or reality, whichever you choose to believe. It’s not highbrow, just a fun waste of 90-odd minutes.
This isn’t a review so I won’t go into it in too much detail but the main thing is that it just got me thinking; What else have I missed recently?

A few weeks ago I finally got to see Children of Men on the same day as I finally got to read Phonogram – both were released in 2006. Some folk might view this as a crime. It’s not so much that I missed both of those, just that I didn’t catch them at the time, for one reason or another, life happens and they just slip down the priority list and newer, more sparkly, things fall in our paths. It’s easy to do. The sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres cover a lot of ground, we can’t all be looking in the same places at the same time.

So, what have we all missed, or allowed to pass us by? Answers on a postcard in the comments section…