Genndy Rules OK!

From Hub_129, October 2010.

Genndy Tartakovsky is back!! Alright, he’s never really been away but bare with me here…

Anyway, whaddya mean, who is he? Were have u been? Samurai Jack not ringing any bells? How about Dexter’s Lab? Or, well, there was this small thing called Star Wars: Clone Wars that he did in 2003 for Lucasfilm when they still played risks with more traditional forms of stylised animation and before they got all CGI crazy… or Tartakovsky got bored of the franchise. Maybe. So, yes, he’s very much genre relevant.

Admittedly, he hasn’t churned out LOADS of work in the animated sector but what he has produced is very good, very stylish and immense fun, in my honest and open opinion.

Tartakovsky ‘s new series, Sym-bionic Titan, started on Cartoon Network in the US on the 17th September at 8pm (Eastern) and I recommend any of our US readers who ‘can’ to check it out… please… and then let me know what it’s like because;
1) I’m in England and I’m not sure when it’ll reach here and…
2) I don’t have Cartoon Network anymore!

Admittedly, from the trailer I’ve seen, it looks dangerously close to Power Rangers in a “teenagers control giant robots that can combine into an even gianter robot to fight the forces of evil which are all big monsters” stylee but I’m still excited because the kid in me just loves Tartatovsky’s work and the kid in me pretty much rules the roost.

So there!