Venusian Death Flu

From Hub_133, December 2010.

This editorial is going to bounce all over the place. My excuse? I’m recovering from some sort of Venusian death flu that has had me whimpering in a corner for a good few days. No, it’s not Venusian MAN flu, I said DEATH flu, there’s a big difference. Only it hasn’t killed me yet but that’s the sort of thing we can gloss over like a detail in a storyline of Lostmeow!

I’ll take this opportunity to apologise for the website being out of action for a period of time a week or so ago. Demand for Mur Lafferty’s Marco and the Red Granny has been amazingly high, and rightly so. However, demand was at such a level that the cogs ground to a halt amidst shouts of “She cannae take any more, Cap’n!” and folk had to be threatened with many eternities of badgering to get the site back up and running. So, again, apologies to anyone who had problems. I suggest everyone should
run and check out Mur’s series NOW before the gremlins strike again… and it is the season for gremlins!

Also, I have to mention Thought Bubble 2010 while I’m here. It ran over 18th-21st November in Leeds with the “Comic Convention” segment running all day on the 20th and it was simply brilliant! It was my first ever convention and I decided to help out as a volunteer and, frankly, that just added to the fun! It’s not just for comic book or sequential art fans, either. I firmly believe that if you’re a fan of sci-fi, fantasy and/or
horror then, if you have a chance, get along to it in 2011.

I know, I probably felt exactly the same way after my first music festival (All Tomorrow’s Parties in 2002… ah, that was fun…) but Thought Bubble really is a well run event, chock full of interesting panels and people and I’d like to add that I’m not even being paid to say any of this so it must be genuine.

Right, enough of my meanderings. On with the show….